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George Corbellini received thorough and traditional art training from an early age, attending the High School of Art and Design, the School of Visual Arts and the Arts Students League, all in New York City. His time studying in New York gave Mr. Corbellini a chance to work with notable artists and designers, including Bern Hogart, Isador Seltzer and Herb Lubalin.

Since then his design career has spanned over three decades, working on projects of all descriptions. For 10 years Mr. Corbellini was the head creative director for one of the top publishers in the world, and remains involved in the graphics industry today, running his own design studio for the last six years.

Because of his close relationship with advertising graphics, print designers and illustrators starting in the 1960’s, Mr. Corbellini’s work always has something to say about today’s world.

The artist’s paintings are inspired from the everyday things that surround him: the people and nature he sees and captures. Mr. Corbellini especially loves Cape Cod, utilizing its abundance of subjects, colors and wonderful light for many of his themes.

Working with oils, pastels or acrylics, Mr. Corbellini never starts a painting with a preconceived style, every canvas or drawing has its own look. Every project has a life and a newness of its own, always striving to keep his art new and exciting.

Recent awards and accomplishments:

  • First place finish at the year end art show 2004
  • Putnam Arts Council (Belle Levine Art Center) and
    The Art of George Corbellini one man Art show at
    the Bethel Arts Junction Ct.
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